‘Melody Dean’ by Amanda Palmer

First recommendation of the month.

When all else fails on the iPod, particularly if H and I are on a long car journey and need an immediate shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, it’s usually ‘Melody Dean’ by Amanda Palmer.

Now, when it comes to the subject matter, it’s one of those songs that falls into the “my annoying ex” category. Amanda has talked about the backstory, about how she was in an open relationship with someone, but one night went out with a very attractive woman called Melody Dean (real name) only for her partner to get very jealous and angry with her, thus breaking the agreement of the open relationship. For me, the ‘true story’ aspect takes a bit of the shine off the song, as we’re given one accusatory side of a real relationship argument where we don’t know the full context. Did it all really happen the way Amanda tells it?

That said, I just wish happiness to all parties involved, pretend it’s completely fictional, and bop my head around, as it’s catchy as fuck.

Current Favourite Part:

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