Recommendation: Dirty Money

Another day, another Netflix series. And, as ever, their production values are really high. (I mean… time was when I was all about the BBC4, but those days really do seem to be long gone.)

This is a 6-part series, just released, about fraud and corporate greed. By the people who did the Smartest Guys In The Room documentary about Enron (which I didn’t see) and the Going Clear one about Scientology (which I did and which is amazing). Well made, clear, detailed. Although, full disclosure, some work better than others in my opinion (I found the one on the great maple syrup heist to be a bit of a disappointment).

But the really fascinating one is…

Current Favourite Episode
The final episode is an extended one, dedicated to the career of Donald Trump.

This episode avoids both the obvious traps: on the one hand abandoning all pretence at neutrality and clumsily ranting abuse, and on the other (taking what I call the BBC approach) giving equal credence to Trump’s lies and propaganda in the name of balance. Instead we get mainly interviews with people who either have either worked with Trump personally or have been a victim of his schemes in some way. It forms a great climax to a great series.

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