Recommendation: Alien Covenant

I was really surprised, because all the reviews were like “Meh, it’s an Alien ‘Greatest Hits’, but nothing special…” Or the weird modern variation: “It was an okay movie, but it wasn’t an Alien™ movie.” Or, with even more baffling entitlement, “… it wasn’t my Alien™ movie.”

I loved it. It’s a wonderfully spooky story with lots of great moments. Michael Fassbender is particularly good. Just to explain, this is director Ridley Scott’s second prequel to his classic 1979 film Alien. I initially liked first prequel, Prometheus, (yep, again, unlike the rest of the world) but I like it even more in retrospect after seeing this film.

Prometheus was another one of those films that buckled, I think, under the weight of everyone’s expectations. I went to see it hoping for a Ridley Scott film that looked fucking amazing, had a good engaging plot, and had some great scenes. And it delivered on all those. But the consensus was expecting something else maybe? Anyway, even if nothing else, no one does epic cinematography like Ridley Scott:

And if you’ve seen it already and fancy some backup evangelising (with heavy Spoiler action)…

Current Favourite Part:
I was going to say the line “I’ll tuck in the children”. But on second thoughts, I might go with Billy Crudup’s performance. He is just hugely underrated one of those actors who, like Gary Oldman, just disappears into his character, and is totally different from film to film.

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