Recommendation: I, Tonya

This film came along with a bunch of other amazing films, like Lady Bird and Black Panther (which I would also recommend but I think so many other people have done that better than I could).

It’s an expertly crafted story of unreliable narrators and shifting audience sympathy. And one of those true stories that’s so crazy that you couldn’t make it up.

Particularly the car crash in slow motion that is the ‘Incident’ she became infamous for, and how her career unravelled afterwards.

Current Favourite Thing:
What Margot Robbie does with her face in this film. She already has a great face for sheer joyful malice (e.g. Harley Quinn), but so much of the acting in this film is done with facial expression rather than dialogue, and there’s all kinds of rage and frustration and pain busting out of her Tonya Harding.


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