Work is back in progress

And… we’re back! With a new idea.

So, this month I am back to posting a new original track and a new adapted traditional track, after a couple of months of not being able to. But I’m going about it in a slightly different way.

One of the things that has proved a block to constantly posting new tracks for me was the logistics of preparing the album they would go on: getting a title, getting artwork, etc. And more than that, what the album’s general theme was, and whether each track would fit. Also, in order for a track to be ready for proper release, I need to ideally sit on it for 3 months, and come back to it and see how it sounds.

The new idea is simply to create an album on this site called Work In Progress, and to post new tracks there pretty much as soon as they’re finished.

That said, I will edit them, upload new versions, add to them, fuck around with them, remix them, change the lyrics, and so on. And I’m also do something I haven’t tried before: listen to criticism! So if you particularly like, or don’t like, something, do let me know. I can’t guarantee I’ll change anything, but it’s incredibly useful for me to know.

This feels to me like a much healthier way of working.

Oh, and for the time-being I’ve made the decision to stop just tidying up old half-finished tracks, and so all the new stuff will be new (with the occasional old track only because it still feels fresh to me). It has actually been a real struggle to get writing again, and I’ll probably say more about that at some later point, but I am now back at it at least.

And on that… it has, for a million reasons, been a long time since I have written my own songs. Unfortunately, I am expecting they’re not going to be particularly good to begin with. But I am hoping they’re going to get a lot better.

Thanks for listening!

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