So, it happened!  Didn’t really have time to write about it last month.  We managed to get thirteen acts in to perform – and it was all a bit magical, really.  And already I think there were definitely some contenders for Folk Weekend Oxford 2017.

We’re hopefully going to do another one at the end of October – just juggling those logistic with wedding prep right now.  But once again, if you’re Oxfordshire based and fancy showcasing your folk music superpowers, do come along and do just that.

More on this story as it unfolds.

Oh yeah, and did I post our fancy promo video?  Here’s our fancy promo video:

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I’ve always viewed Sidmouth Folk Week in the way that the author of Das Kapital saw history, and the author of Mein Kampf saw life: as a virtuous struggle.

You camp a mile or two up the hill, and you get to and from the town (where 95% of all the music is happening) by a bus.  The bus service is good, but still… once you go into town you can’t really just nip back to your tent.  So you need to bring everything with you: instruments, your own food if you can’t afford to keep eating out, sunglasses, swimming trunks, umbrella, GoreTex weather gear, defibrillators, the usual English summer stuff.  And whilst I have long appreciated (as a Sidmouth veteran of many years) that this makes me a better human being, it does have the negative side-effect of making me not quite be arsed to do anything much after about 11am.

And then a friend told me an extraordinary secret. Continue reading

I had the great pleasure to be MC-ing the main stage on Saturday night at this year’s Folk Weekend Oxford festival, and the first act were one of my favourite local acts: Small & Gold.

Which meant I got to say the same spiel that I’m about to write here. If you were at that gig, well, it improves with repetition. Probably. Continue reading